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Gynecomastia is defined as benign, excessive breast development in men.

It is derived from the combination of the Greek words gynec (feminine, feminine) and mastos (breast). Some studies say that one out of every 3 men has gynecomastia. Gynecomastia, which can be observed in infancy and old age, most frequently occurs during adolescence. Although gynecomastia is not harmful to health, it causes distress and embarrassment in the person. Gynecomastia, which has existed for a long time, can not regress by itself. It requires medical treatment and, if necessary, surgical intervention. Gynecomastia occurs in irregularity or imbalance of estrogen and testosterone hormones. This hormonal change can have many causes.

Surgical Treatment

Surgical intervention is the most effective and definitive method in gynecomastia treatment. The type of intervention to be performed is determined after the examinations are made by the surgeon. The duration of the operation varies depending on the method to be applied and the reasons for breast growth, but it takes 2 hours on average. In open surgery, tiny incisions are made from the lower part of the patient’s chest and excess skin and breast tissue are removed. Then, the incisions are closed with stitches and the surgery is completed.

How is the process after gynecomastia operation?

It is normal to see edema and swelling in the area after gynecomastia surgery. These formations disappear spontaneously within the first week. There may be mild muscle pain after the operation. Resting for 3 days after gynecomastia surgery is important for the comfort and healing process of the patient. On the 3rd day of the operation, it is possible to take a shower, return to work, and short walks provided that it does not take too long.

What are the advantages of gynecomastia in Turkey?
  • Budget-Friendly: Turkey offers various types of medical packages that you can take advantage of. These packages include accommodation, travel, post-operative services. 
  • Trustworthy Surgeons: All doctors are quite talented and experienced in Turkey. You can easily see the examples of the operation results. 
  • Worldwide Fame: The reasons why Turkey is very famous in the medical field are not a coincidence. It is both related to successful surgeons and comprehensive packages that you are free to choose from.
  • Hospitality: Besides accommodations, Turkey is a country where savvy and kind people live. Your pre and post-operative days will be in a peaceful environment for this reason. 
  • Timing: The whole operation will be planned by your clinic, in all its details.

Who is at risk of gynecomastia?
Adolescents, the elderly, those who use anabolic steroids and androgens to improve their athletic performance, those with liver, kidney or thyroid disease, and Klinefelter syndrome are at risk of gynecomastia.