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Dental Implant

People are researching the question of ‘What is a dental implant?’ or ‘How doctors make a dental implant?’ for various reasons.

Those who wonder the answer to these questions mostly suffer from the mouth and dental problems. The dental implant is an artificial tooth root, made from titanium that is placed in the jawbone, through an operation for missing teeth.

About Dental Implant

Sometimes, it is preferred for teeth that need to be changed, even if there is no missing one. There is some waiting period after this stage. Because placed implant in the jawbone must fuse with the bone. The artificial tooth is then attached to the implant, and this tooth will be looking just like the original ones. Doctors will inform their patients about how long this process will take.

Who can receive Dental Implant Surgery?

There are some criteria about who can have this surgery. The purpose of these criteria is to prevent health problems that may occur.

  • Patients over the age of 18 can have dental implants.
  • Those who have a suitable jawbone for surgery.
  • Since the treatment process might be long, patients who can adapt to this period are also convenient for dental implants.
  • Non-smoker patients,
  • Patients with one or more broken, or missing teeth will be admitted for this procedure by surgeons.
What are the most frequently asked questions about Dental Implants in Turkey?
  • Who will do my surgery? Your surgery will be performed by talented and the best doctors in Turkey.
  • What is included in the treatment package? You can choose a package with a variety of options. Mostly, these packages include factors such as accommodation, travel, and even tours.
  • The process will be long. Do I have to stay in Turkey for months? After your surgery and post-operative services, you can free to go home. But, you will come back to Turkey for a doctor’s appointment on pre-scheduled days. The clinic or hospital will contact you and give information about the planning and timeline of the procedure.
  • Is dental implant surgery painful? Although this question is not directly about Turkey, it is easy to answer. Dental implant surgery is not painful because doctors and staff who will prepare you fort he surgery take precautions, using local anesthesia.
  • Where will I stay when I come to Turkey? You will be staying at the fanciest, and the most comfortable hotels during your visit to Turkey.

Turkey is welcoming everyone who visits the country. Therefore, your medical trip will turn into an unforgettable holiday.