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Beard Transplant

Beard transplant is a type of procedure that transplanting hair on a face, taken hair by other parts of the patient’s body.Being extensive surgery like this makes beard transplant very famous by men who wish to change their appearance. Transplanted hair mostly comes from the scalp, and this procedure does not leave a mark.

Types of Beard Transplantation

Follicular Unit Extraction: It is an operation that removing hairs in their follicles and filling these hairs to where the patient wished.

Follicular Unit Transplantation: This operation, unlike the other one, leaves a scar. The doctor who does the surgery takes a strip of tissue and transplants the hairs to the wished area.

Both procedures take a couple of hours and doctors make an effort to reduce pain and swelling.

Who prefers Beard Transplantation Surgery?

Studies do not have a slight result that shows age and criterion about beard transplantation. Additionally, people might relate beard with masculinity and maturity. Men of all ages are suffering from hair loss on their faces or never be able to grow a beard, can receive this medical service. Thanks to its fame, there are tons of examples and beard transplant success rates of countries listed. Turkey has many talented surgeons who also do this operation professionally.

What are the benefits of Beard Transplantation in Turkey?

  • Turkey has been a peaceful environment for everyone who visits its lands. Even it is for a medical trip, the best hotels in Turkey will makes you feel as comfortable as at your home and offers a lot of services for your resting.
  • Trustworthy doctors and surgeons will be at your disposal, from consulting to post-operative services. They will check your condition day by day until you feel as good as before the operation.
  • Every patient has the right to keep their surgery confidential. From doctors to nurses, medical workers will sign the Confidentiality Agreement to ensure privacy measurements.
  • Hospitals or private clinics which performing beard transplantation surgery have many individual skills. Besides good doctors, these clinics are using the best methods, havegreat reputation in their field, and of course, the workers who take care of patients are very talented and experienced.
  • Some countries have very expensive prices for beard transplantation service. In Turkey, not only the prices are much more suitable for every pocket also materials which will be using for transplant are high quality.

All the medical services giving by Turkey are happening in a sterile and reliable environment. Deciding a place for a medical procedure might be challenging, but with a little bit of research, you can easily choose Turkey and receive all the benefits.