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An abdominoplasty is a surgery that flattens the belly by removing excess fat and skin and relaxing the abdominal muscles.

This surgery is also known as the tummy tuck. This procedure aims to repair and reshape the loose and sagging areas of the abdomen. It is a major operation so informing yourself, evaluating your own condition extensively, and taking time to make a decision is highly vital.

What causes fat in the abdominal area?

Due to various reasons such as weight gain and loss, births, genetic structure, abdominal skin, excess and sagging fat tissue, cracks in the abdominal skin, and looseness in the anterior abdominal wall muscle and muscle membrane may occur. These complaints make it difficult for patients to wear trousers, skirts, swimsuits, and bikinis. Sometimes, excessive sagging can cause medical problems as well as aesthetic concerns. It may cause complaints such as skin sores and fungal infections due to excessive sweating.

Abdominoplasty in Turkey

A tummy tuck might just be the thing you need to get your confidence back in Turkey! Since all healthcare professionals undergo a highly intensive and high-quality medical education in Turkey, it is not possible not to train specialists in their fields. Turkish doctors are also qualified in abdominoplasty. Any treatment kit delivered by Turkey is affordable and includes a range of options for travel and lodging. Because a tummy tuck in Turkey requires a recovery period of roughly six weeks, so it is important to carefully consider your accommodation alternatives. Your doctor will inform you of a clear schedule for your the operation, as all that depends on the special circumstances of your surgery.

How is abdominoplasty surgery performed?

In tummy tuck surgery, usually; A transverse incision is made at the bottom of the abdomen (this incision is low enough to hide under the swimsuit) and another incision is made around the navel.In partial (mini) abdominoplasty, these incisions are slightly shorter. Sometimes, an incision may not be made around the belly button.

After these incisions are made, the skin is separated from the muscles from the groin to the chest. The resulting abdominal muscles are strengthened by the stretching method, and if there is weakness, it is repaired. Afterward, the skin is stretched and sewn into place. Skin excess is cut off. Stitchings are covered with a medical dressing. Generally, thin tubes called drains are placed under the skin to remove excess fluid that will be collected in the operation area. Full tummy tuck surgery can take about 2-5 hours, partial abdominal surgery takes 1-2 hours. You can inquire whether this operation is necessary. The answer is that having the surgery is completely specific to your complaints and body shape. Because although simple deformities can be removed with liposuction, abdominal aesthetics are usually required. Depending on the shape of the deformity, abdominoplasty surgery can be performed in different techniques.

Who are suitable candidates for abdominoplasty surgery?

Adult men and women with fat accumulation in the abdominal region resistant to diet and exercise cracked sagging in the abdomen, weakened abdominal muscles may be suitable candidates for abdominoplasty surgery. It is beneficial for women with sagging and weakened abdominal muscles to postpone tummy tuck surgery for those who do not respond to diet and exercise, and those who are considering giving birth. Besides, you should not have any systemic diseases. You are the right candidate for tummy tuck surgery if you want tofeel more fit.